Alex Andrade tackles Rx drug legislation, but does it go far enough?

The Floridian, February 21, 2020

Florida state Rep. Alex Andrade (R) is advocating for a bill that would create more transparency around the prescription drugs that Floridians buy. But some groups are questioning whether it goes far enough.

This week, Rep. Andrade presented his bill about prescription drugs to the House Health and Human Services Committee.

However, critics point out that the bill does not fix one issue that many consider is the biggest issue facing prescription drug supply chains, which is pharmacy benefit managers or PBMs.

In a recent study by a group called 3 Axis Advisors, it was reported that PBMs – which are middlemen that set the prices of many prescription drugs – are using a process called steering to push patients to pharmacies where they make the most profit. However, PBMs contend that they help negotiate savings for consumers.

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